Curvy Jeans

PZI Jeans was one of the first denim lines to develop jeans for curvy women. Featuring denim styles from skinny to straight leg, boot leg and even flares and trousers, PZI Jeans has implemented the latest trends in denim and a great fit into one brand. With the prime demographic of women with curves between the ages of 24-55, there is a large variety of curve accommodating styles.  While many brands today are now targeting curvy women in their designs, PZI Jeans is proud to deliver an entire brand that focuses on fitting the body and shape of curvy women.

The perfect fit solution that PZI Jeans has mastered is denim with a combination of more room in the hips, thigh and rear and no gaping at the waist. This preverbal fit problem for women with curves and because of women around the world, this denim brands continue to lead the way and has done so during the past 12 years.

Today, we see ad campaigns that feature women with curves and we see more options in apparel that fits the curves of a real woman’s body. PZI Jeans, since its inception has been the original and true brand that designs all of their jeans to fit the unique shapes of women with curves.

Customers of PZI Jeans send in reviews and praises of the fit and comfort ability of their jeans. This customer from Portland, Oregon wrote in, “Oh happy day! I slid on the first pair and almost cried. I couldn’t believe it, they fit! They didn’t just fit, they fit like you flew a seamstress here and had a pair especially made for me. Same thing when I tried on the other pair. I walked my imaginary catwalk and I love the way they hug snug me (not tight and restricting). I feel like a million bucks when I have them on! My hubby thought they were hot and really complimented my shape. I can honestly say I’m not wasting my time even trying on any other brand and I won’t buy a pair of jeans unless they are PZI jeans. You guys are going to save me so much time, money and frustration its ridiculous!” It is for that reason the designers and team at PZI Jeans continue to source the best fabrics and implement the most trend conscious styles in each season’s collection.

PZI Jeans gives curvy women fashionable denim options. No longer do women have to sacrifice style for fit. Each collection features jeans with the latest trend in denim. From coated and styles with leather for Fall to bright bold colors and distressed patterns for Spring. Great fitting jeans and stylish jeans embody the PZI Jeans brand.

The fabrics and execution of PZI Jeans not only just fit but compliment the curvy woman’s body. The designers constantly follow fashion trends and are able to present to the curvy customer the same variety of styles without compromising the fit.

When looking for jeans that accentuate you natural curves, PZI Jeans is your one stop shop for the most fashionable and fit flattering denim. PZI Jeans are available in sizes 4-18 and lengths from short to extra long. Find your pair of PZI Jeans on the website at

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